Technical Staff Profile: FBMH Assistant Team

Fitzroy Burth

Patrick Dunican

Daniel Gilliatt

Liam Mannion     

John Moran  

John Parfitt                     

Wayne Watson

Describe your work & its importance

We provide a professional service to maintain the running of the labs to progress research e.g., replacing dirty glassware, collecting and distributing autoclaved products, transporting waste and providing & removing equipment.

Describe a typical day

A typical day can consist of collecting lab waste e.g., contaminated waste, tip boxes, ice packs, replacing glassware, checking orders for solvents, dry ice & liquid nitrogen, collecting dirty lab coats for laundry and moving equipment from labs to other locations.

Describe your career paths to date

Our backgrounds are quite diverse. Between us we have previously worked as cleaners with House Services, a bar manager, a sound engineer, a railway engineer, a textile designer, as construction workers, a receptionist and as a stores technician.

What do you most enjoy about working as a team?

The opportunities to build self-confidence, to bring new ideas and suggestions to the table, being efficient, effective and economical, the friendly vibe, being able to talk to others and ask for help or advice when needed and working in and having to adapt to a diverse working environment.

Which aspect of the job do you most enjoy?

Probably working in a team & being able to meet & interact with new people from all walks of life, both staff & students, but also giving good customer service and customer satisfaction, being able to use ‘our’ own initiative to make decisions and being part of an evolving team and management. There’s also the physical challenge & keeping fit!!

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