Academic Perspective: Professor Ingrid Gouldsborough

Medical Education

School of Medicine, Faculty of Biology, Medicine and Health

The University of Manchester boasts outstanding facilities for the teaching of anatomy.  Cadaveric dissection and use of anatomical specimens provide the main method of learning in the Anatomy Dissecting Room and the Manchester Surgical Skills Centre.  Each week over 1000 Medical, Dental and Anatomy Science students will benefit from studying in the dissecting room.  Alongside this, The Manchester Surgical Skills Centre hosts surgical training courses to ensure continuing education for Medical Professionals at all stages of their careers.

The teaching that is carried out in these facilities is only possible thanks to a team of highly motivated and skilled technical staff.   There is a high-turnover of classes, each of which demands a vast amount of resources and preparation.   The anatomy technical team ensures the smooth running of the classes and courses on a daily basis.

The technical staff are also responsible for preparation and care of the cadavers.  This is a task that many would find difficult to handle, however, the team approach this duty with compassion and sensitivity.  They treat the donated bodies of the deceased with dignity and respect.  The high quality of the specimens we use in our teaching reflects their diligence in the way that they handle and care for them.

As Professor of Anatomy I am honoured and proud to work with this team of dedicated technical staff.  Their commitment to their work ensures that our anatomy teaching facilities are first class.  This enhances the learning experience of thousands of present and future health professionals.

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