IST Conference 14th September 2022 Part 2

This post should have been published back in September – apologies for it appearing late!

Spinner Construction Lab

Senior Technician in Electronic Engineering Mark Hough, pictured, led the demonstration.

This session was a brilliantly fun lesson in which we soldered circuits under the supervision of technical staff in Electronic Engineering. Normally used as a show piece for incoming students, this resulted in light-up “spinners.” Spinners respond to centrifugal force by lighting alternate bulbs on a wand to spell out “York” or alternately display a smiley face dependent on our button presses. Having not soldered in over a decade, the lab renewed my confidence in this task. It was so much fun, I’m sure where I to rewind the clock back to my school days I might easily have been swayed from Biology!

The spinner lab is pictured below, with conference attendees at their stations. Technical staff from York including Mike Angus (far left) are seen standing in the moments before the class began.

(contributed by Andrew Angus-Whiteoak)

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