Wolfson Molecular Imaging Centre (WMIC) Workplace Tour

The TEaM Tour of the Wolfson Molecular Imaging Centre (WMIC) took place on the afternoon of January 10th 2018. The WMIC building contains aseptic radiochemistry production facilities (cGMP) and operates an ambitious PET (Positronic Emission Tomography) radiotracer development programme for both GMP and non-GMP activities. Production Team Leader, Michael Green acted as the guide for the tour, showing the attendees the various areas where technicians work to help the centre achieves its research goals.

The tour started in the lower ground floor level of the building, the area were the cyclotron, cleanroom and QC lab are, along with radiochemistry and analytical labs, and the write-up area for the technical staff.


Upon entering the radiochemistry facilities, everybody donned a lab coat and pair of safety spectacles, as well as a pair of overshoes; a couple of people also wore a dosimeter badge.
Feedback from the tour was all positive which one attendee describing it as “a great learning curve as well as a networking opportunity for technical staff from FSE and FBMH who were in attendance on the tour”.


Thank you to Hamza al-Qasmi (radiochemistry technician) and Michael Green (Production team leader) for putting on the tour.
Nathan Murray, biomaterials technician (Pictures & Comments); Fidel Peacock, research technician (Comments)

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