Manchester Institute of Biotechnology tours

  In early June, Sandra Taylor led three tours of the Manchester Institute of Biotechnology, on Sackville Street.  MIB is a largely research driven environment with mostly Masters or Postgrad level students and research staff. There is a small core of technical staff underpinning the work and the running of the building. The groups are by design multidisciplinary and have a range of core facilities to support their research themes: Industrial Biotechnology, Biomedical and Healthcare (such as drug production), Biofuels and Synthetic Biology.

Tour-goers were shown a selection of the Bionanotechnology, Biophysics, EPR, Mass spectrometry, NMR, Protein expression, Protein structure and Transcriptomics core facilities, each of which is administered by their own Experimental Officer.  Further detailed information on these core facilities can be found here.

While the tours were well-attended, we did have some last-minute cancellations – please hold back from booking if you’re not sure you can make it as it prevents other people from going on the tours.

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