Manchester Museum behind-the-scenes tour

On 23rd March 2017, members of TEaM had the opportunity to attend a behind the scenes tour of Manchester Museum.  The two sessions were hosted by Dean Whiteside, Buildings and Operations Manager.  Excitingly, the tour groups were able to see “back of house” at the museum, i.e. what the visitors do not get see.
Individuals saw many archived items, such as: spears, knives and ceremonial clothing; they also got to find out about preservation and restoration, the importance of pest control in the museum collections, display mounting to the actual logistics involved in obtaining  artefacts for the museum, such as the massive Easter Island statue and the reinforced floor!  They also got to see the workshop where all of the display plinths are made for all of the exhibitions.

Individuals also saw the special viewing area – where anyone can contact the museum to arrange to see a particular item of interest that may not necessarily be on public display.  This facility is very popular with historians, archaeologists, artists, book and film writers, to name but a few. The tour group also got the opportunity to meet members of the Entomology Department and the Restoration Department, who were busy preserving an Egyptian mask, (inset, left hand side).

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