Digimap is a map archive including Ordnance Survey, Geological, Marine and Environmental maps, as well as Lidar and Aerial surveys, and historical maps.

Ordnance Survey Open Data: a resource of different specialised maps, including rivers, terrain, based on OS data.

Jisc Geospatial data is a tool that allows for the addition of information and layers to maps.

National Library of Scotland: Digitised historical maps of Scotland.

Google Earth Engine: mapping and imagery from an array of different satellite sensor systems for atmospheric, climate, weather, land use, topography, and other geophysical data.

Esri/ArcGIS Living Atlast of the World: Imagery, base maps, and maps for population, infrastructure, and environmental information.

USGS Earth Explorer: Satellite and aerial imagery, vegetation monitoring, digital topography, and much more.

ESA Copernicus Open Access hub: access to data from the Copernicus satellite program, including land use, water quality, land cover classification.

OpenTopography: high resolution topography data and tools.