Air Quality, Meteorology, Climate

UK Air, a part of DEFRA, collect data from 1500 sites for air quality and archive that data here:

This is a huge resource offering information on particulates, metals, PAHs, Ozone and many, many other pollutants and risks.

It also links to tools similar to the water quality map such as this:

Which shows roadside and background data for PM2.5s, PM10s, NOx, metals such as Cadmium, Arsenic and so on.

Our own Centre for Atmospheric Science operate the Whitworth Observatory and Holme Moss Observatory:

For a local look at air quality, covering Ozone, NOx, and particulates.

They also have fully equipped weather stations for a full suite of meteorological data.

Manchester City Council operate weather stations and air quality monitoring stations, this data is included in the UK Air information above, but can also be accessed here:

This site also includes local policy direction, and links to their sampling data taken daily for particulates, and monthly for NO2.

NERC Centre for Environmental Data Analysis: Archive of Atmospheric and Earth observation data.

European Centre for Mid-Ranged Weather Forecasts: Meteorological and Hydrological data archives.