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Professor David Morgan


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Professor David Morgan, interviewed by Professor Sue Scott

David Morgan was one of the first sociologists at The University of Manchester when he joined us in 1964. He is an expert in the sociology of the family, and in fact has been hugely influential in shaping how sociologists research families, and especially in showing that families come in all shapes and sizes. He points to early fieldwork in a Salford factory, listening to workers’ discussions about family life, and a hunch that early sociological studies of the family were missing the bits of family life that he thought were ‘interesting and dangerous’ as things that piqued his interest in this area. This broad interest in family life has led to work on men, masculinities and acquaintances. David’s contribution to sociological knowledge, and his long connection with Manchester, were commemorated in 2005 when the Morgan Centre for the Study of Relationships and Personal Life (now the Morgan Centre for Research into Everyday Lives) was named in his honour.

David is interviewed by Professor Sue Scott, who is an expert in gender, sexuality and risk, and a long-standing colleague and friend of David.

Video from session at ‘Conversations with David Morgan and friends’ 15 May 2014, University of Manchester.

See also: Our blog on David’s work, including his influential ‘family practices’ approach to researching family life.


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