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Professor Bryan Roberts


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Professor Bryan Roberts interviewed by Professor David Morgan

Bryan Roberts joined Sociology at the University of Manchester in 1964 and played an important part in developing a programme of urban sociology. An early visit to Mexico City led to a lifetime’s work specialising in Latin America, urbanisation, poverty and migration. For more information, see our blog on his work: Citizens building cities: Bryan Roberts and the urban poor in Latin American cities. Bryan left Manchester in 1986 to become Professor in the sociology department at University of Texas, Austin.

In this video, he discusses his life and work with Prof David Morgan, an expert in the sociology of personal life, and an old colleague from the early days of the department. (For more on David’s work see our video of David Morgan, interviewed by Sue Scott.)


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  1. Dr Mark Wilcox says:

    Wonderful to watch this interview as I was a Combined Studies student at Manchester 1984-87 where I attended some of Professor Roberts excellent 1st and 2nd year lectures as a mature student.

    A few things have stuck in my mind from this time. The first was the day the Miners went back to work after the year long strike. Professor Roberts was clearly moved by the site of the men and women marching back to work behind the brass bands and the union banners. He started the morning lecture with an emotional statement. I paraphrase – today we have seen history in the making – if you want to give your children any advice on their future careers and education tell them to apply to military colleges because that’s where the future lies!

    That period was also noted for high unemployment which he clearly summed up in a simple paradox – again I paraphrase with apologies if I misrepresent his views – capitalism has an inherent and inexorable need for growth – but – it also needs consumers (with jobs)

    Happy memories of Enthnomethodology and Conversation Analysis with Dr(s) John Lee and Wes Sharrock have come flooding back.
    Thanks for the video

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