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Top 20 from our blog

We've enjoyed marking our 50th anniversary this year and now we're looking forward to the next 50...

We’ve enjoyed marking our 50th anniversary this year and now we’re looking forward to the next 50…

Well, we’ve really enjoyed looking back over 50 years of Sociology at the University of Manchester on our blog this year, and we hope you have too. We’ve collected together a Top 20 list of our most popular posts, pages and videos which we’ve been counting down in December. Here is the full list.

  1. Hamza Alavi and the post-colonial state
  2. Timeline 1964-2014
  3. Families of choice
  4. Ethnomethodology
  5. Rod Watson and conversation analysis
  6. Video: Carol Smart in discussion with Jeffrey Weeks
  7. Video: Wes Sharrock in discussion with Dave Calvey
  8. Displaying families
  9. Making elites visible
  10. Relational sociology
  11. Cultural class analysis
  12. Carol Smart and researching personal life
  13. Great British Class Survey
  14. Facet methodology
  15. Feminist waves and different generations
  16. Teodor Shanin and the sociology of peasants
  17. Video: David Morgan in discussion with Sue Scott
  18. Researching the darker side of relationships
  19. Material culture
  20. Social movements


There’s always a methodology section…. We’ve compiled this list by counting pageviews on our blog and social media shares, which means that some recent posts have much less chance of making the list. In the interests of fairness, or curiosity, do have a look at our complete list of ’50 great ideas’ our videos of leading Manchester sociologists.


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