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Sociology of Personal Life

Cover of 'Sociology of personal life' edited by Vanessa May

Cover of ‘Sociology of personal life’ edited by Vanessa May

Edited by Vanessa May (2011)

What can sociology tell us about our personal lives, families and intimate relationships? This book explains how key theoretical perspectives and relevant contemporary research in the discipline can shed new light on even the most familiar areas of our everyday worlds. Sociology of Personal Life, together with Carol Smart’s book Personal Life (2007, Polity), has helped shape this emergent sociological field of study, in which the Morgan Centre for the Study of Relationships and Personal Life has played a central part.
From friendships and pets, to political engagement and social legislation, Sociology of Personal Life shows how distinctions and connections can be drawn between our public and private lives. Each chapter explores a familiar topic that illustrates how individual relationships and lives can be shaped by social contexts, and how personal choices shape the wider social world. Using vivid case examples drawn from topical areas of debate, the book gives useful explanations of theory and invaluable advice on how to carry out research on personal lives and relationships. This is essential reading for students of sociology interested in family, relationships and beyond.

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