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Rethinking Family Practices

Cover of David Morgan's 'Rethinking Family Practices'

Cover of David Morgan’s ‘Rethinking Family Practices’

David H J Morgan (2011)

David Morgan’s ‘family practices’ approach has been hugely influential to the study of families and personal life internationally. First developed in the 1990s, and set out in Family Connections (1996), this new book revisits and elaborates the original argument, exploring the theoretical antecedents of this approach. Providing detailed treatment of some of the recent ways in which the approach has been used and extended, with careful considerations of alternative approaches to family living as well as of possible criticisms of this approach, the book demonstrates the continuing relevance of the practices framework for family studies, examining key issues such as time and space, the body, emotions, ethics and work/life balance. Numerous published studies of family life provide illustrations for these explorations. Morgan concludes by showing why the practices approach continues to be important, arguing for the continuing need to explore family life as well as other areas of emotional or personal life.

More about this book on the publisher, Palgrave Macmillan’s, website.


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