Written work


Under review. (with John Beavers) The roots of verbal meaning and the meaning of verbal roots. Ms., The University of Texas at Austin and The University of Manchester.  Download draft here.

2017.  (with Itamar Francez)  Semantics and morphosyntactic variation:  Qualities and the grammar of property concepts.  (Oxford Studies in Theoretical Linguistics).  Oxford:  Oxford University Press.  Download for free (under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 terms) here or here. Read Envoi here.


In press.  (with Peter Jenks and Emmanuel-moselly Makasso)  On the lexical semantics of property concept nouns in Basaá.  Truswell, Robert (Ed.).  Proceedings of Sinn und Bedeutung 21.  Download prepublication version here.

2017.  (with John Beavers)  Result verbs, scalar change, and the typology of motion verbs.  Language 93.4: 842-876.  Download here.

2017. (with John Beavers, Michael Everdell, Kyle Jerro, Henri Kauhanen, Elise LeBovidge, and Stephen Nichols)  Two Types of States: A Cross-linguistic Study of Change-of-State Verb Roots. Proceedings of the Linguistic Society of America 2, 38:1-15.  Download here.

2017.  (with John Beavers)  Change of state verbs and the semantics of roots.  Brendel, Cole, Aaron Kaplan, Abby Kaplan, Miranda McCarvel, Jeff Pynes, and Ed Rubin (Eds.). Proceedings of the 34th West Coast Conference on Formal Linguistics.  Pp. 347-354.  Download here.

2017.  (with John Beavers)  The semantic contribution of idiosyncratic roots in ditransitive verbs.  Brendel, Cole, Aaron Kaplan, Abby Kaplan, Miranda McCarvel, Jeff Pynes, and Ed Rubin (Eds.).   Proceedings of the 34th West Coast Conference on Formal Linguistics.  Pp. 70-80.  Download here.

2016. (with Itamar Francez) Malayalam property concept sentences and the locus of variation. In Rahul Balusu & Sandhya Sundaresan (Eds.) Proceedings of Formal Approaches to South Asian Languages 5, Pp 21-35. Download here or here.

2016. Thoughts on diagnosing morphomicity: A case study from Ulwa. In Ana Luís and Ricardo Bermúdez-Otero (Eds.). The morphome debate: Diagnosing and analysing morphomic patterns. Oxford: Oxford University Press.  Pp. 89-111. Download preprint here.

2016. (with Itamar Francez) A note on possession and mereology in Ulwa property concept constructions. Natural Language and Linguistic Theory 34.1:93-106. Download here or here.

2015. (with Itamar Francez) Semantic variation and the grammar of property concepts. Language 91.3:533-563. Download here or here.

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2013. (with Ashwini Deo and Itamar Francez) From change to value difference in degree achievements. Proceedings of SALT 23. Download here.

2013. (with John Beavers) Complications in diagnosing lexical meaning: A rejoinder to Horvath and Siloni (2013). Lingua 134:210-218. Download here or preprint here.

2013. (with John Beavers) In defense of the reflexivization analysis of anticausativization. Lingua 131:199-216. Download here or preprint here.

2012. The universality of lexical categories: Comments on Chung. Theoretical Linguistics 38.1-2:103-117. Download here or preprint here.

2012. (with John Beavers) Manner and result in the roots of verbal meaning. Linguistic Inquiry 43.3:331-369. Download here or preprint here.

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2010. (with Itamar Francez) Possessed properties in Ulwa. Natural Language Semantics 18.2:197-240. Download published version here or preprint here.

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2009. Ulwa verb class morphology. International Journal of American Linguistics 75.4: 453-512. Download from IJAL or here.

2009. Anticausativization. Natural Language and Linguistic Theory 27:77-138. Download published version here or preprint here.

2008. Monotonicity at the lexical semantics–morphosyntax interface. In Emily Elfner and Martin Walkow (eds.), Proceedings of the 37th annual meeting of the Northeast Linguistic Society. Amherst, MA: GLSA. Download here in pdf.

2007. Aspectual coercion and the typology of change of state predicates. Journal of Linguistics 43.1:115-152. Download from CUP here or preprint here.

2006.  (with John Beavers).  A universal pronoun in English?. Linguistic Inquiry 37.3:503-513. Download here (via Ingenta) or preprint here.

2006. The states in changes of state. To appear in Proceedings of the 32nd annual meeting of the Berkeley Linguistics Society, Berkeley, CA. Download final draft here in ps or pdf.

2005. On the typology of state/change of state alternations.Yearbook of Morphology 2005. Pp. 83-117. Download via Springer here or preprint here.

2005. (with Beth Levin). The morphological typology of change of state event encoding. In Geert Booij, Emiliano Guevara, Angela Ralli, Salvatore Sgroi & Sergio Scalise (Eds). On-line Proceedings of the Fourth Mediterranean Morphology Meeting (MMM4) Catania, 21-23 September 2003. Pp. 185-194. Download here.

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2004. (with Annie Zaenen, Jean Carletta, Gregory Garretson, Joan Bresnan, Tatiana Nikitina, M. Catherine O’Connor, and Tom Wasow). Animacy encoding in English: why and how. In Proceedings of the ACL 2004 Workshop on Discourse Annotation. Download here.

2003.  (with John Beavers). The proper treatment of “your ass” in English.  In Proceedings of the ESSLLI 2003 Student Session.  Vienna, Austria. Revised version, entitled “A universal pronoun in English?” in Linguistic Inquiry 37.3.

2003.  Spanish progressive aspect variation in stochastic OT.  In Tara Sanchez and Uri Horesh (eds). Selected papers from NWAV-31.  Penn Working Papers in Linguistics 9.2 .  Download here.

2002.  (with J. Clancy Clements).  Two Indo-Portuguese creoles in contrast. Journal of Pidgin and Creole Languages 17:191-236.
Download (via Ingenta) here.

PhD thesis

2007. States, changes of state, and the Monotonicity Hypothesis. PhD thesis, Stanford University.  Download here.